A Lil Bit About Me…


As Salaamu Alaikum… this is me in the brief don’t worry you will get to know a lot about lil ole’ me by reading my blog! My name is Mia, and Layan Amatullah is the name I chose after I became Muslim. Mommy to a lil big cheek newborn boy, an oh so sweet lil girl, and a very cool boy, my children rock, and I’m not just saying that. Married to a kufi rockin’, beard havin’ cutie, Ijjy. Im originally from sunny California, but moved to Philadelphia.

I get extremely excited when dresses have pockets…extremely. Can’t get enough of leopard print…really its sad. A collector of Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) and scarves (hijabs)  …seriously, I have enough to supply a small store. I absolutely love almost anything with floral, polka dot, and stripe print… oh and lace and ruffles. I am a girly girl with a tom-boy edge. Give me a good hat, and I’m ready! Cupcakes make me smile 🙂

Mango is my favorite fruit! Almost all of my friends call me a rabbit…I can’t help that I love salads. Donuts…enough said! I have become seriously domestic and cooking is my new hobby. I love Thai and Latin food! Chai tea, Thai Iced tea, and Root beer are my favorite drinks. I love the beach. I have become a fan of the color green…. and a beautiful smile make me melt!


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