What I love…Florals

As Salaamu Alaikum Loves

As I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of spring, I can not help to become excited about my favorite print…floral. What says spring better than Floral print? Nothing really. I am not saying that floral prints can’t be worn in any season, it just feels so much better wearing floral prints during warm, breezy weather. Though on a nice flowy floral skirt or dress and you are Spring ready. Recently I have been really in to peg leg pants, and what better way to rock this trend with a pair of floral printed trousers. Of course my lovely Hijabi’s can wear a pretty printed floral hijab for their Spring ready look.

The great thing about floral prints is that there are always a variety, you can go with soft colors like pastels and whites, or brighten you look with neon colors and blacks. Either way you can’t go wrong!!

On the street In Milan_Candela

The Beauty of Hijabs

MashaAllah stunning!

Milan Street Style Fall 2014

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*All photos were taken from pinterest


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