What I Love… The Classics

As Salaamu Alaikum Lovelies

InshaAllah every Wednesday I will be posting the things that I love, be it something for your body, mind, or soul. I have many things that I love (or like)…love is a strong word…but I guess it fits for cool title purposes (lol). This week I am currently loving the classics. Yes classic items that every Fab Hijabi or woman should have in their closet…a trench coat, stripped shirt or sweater, jeans, sneakers, and a satchel. If you are like me and living on the east coast (or any where other than California…boy I miss home around these times), you waiting impatiently for Spring to arrive so you can drop the huge coats and heavy snow boots for something lighter. I can’t wait to wear my classics. Although they aren’t particularly runway ready, they always manage to make anyone look understated but still fashionable.

luvrumcake:Miranda Kerr w/Celine tote



Note: All pictures where taken from pinterest.


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