Fab Hijabi Finds

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As Salaamu Alaikum Loves

As we all know, I am into neon colors right now-especially yellow and green. I decided to do a  post with some great finds for our Hijabis and Non-Hijabis to add a little pop of color to your wardrobe. Don’t worry if you already own a few neon items…honesty you can never really have enough! I recently purchased a few of these items myself, and I must say I am loving the new additions to my closet. If you are a little intimidated by these bold and bright colors (like I was at first) start of small with a bracelet or necklace for a small hint of color. Or pair them with a neutral color like beige or grey to tone it down a notch.



  1. love that skirt and the top above it. I sometimes worry with my lighter skintone that neon yellows and greens will wash me out. But ive been liking that neon yellow for the longest. Just havent found the right piece for me. Whats the best way to handle neon colors with lighter skin? Suggestions?

    Another question, yknow that cute short rope necklace? Have u found a way to wear those shorter necklaces with hijab that doesnt look crazy? I see so many cute necklaces but I cant figure out how to rock them with all that hijab in the way.

    Im finding thats the jewelry piece im into now. Earring are always irritating my ears and bangles are uncomfortable. Itd be great if youd do a post on how to wear diff types of necklaces with hijab.

    1. I was very intimidated by neon colors at first as well (I am the girl that had a ton of neutrals in her closet). I have been buying neon yellow pieces for sometime now, but was always too afraid to wear them because of my darker skin tone. My first purchase, was a neon yellow colored scarf mixed with neutral colors of beige and tan. The scarf itself helped me wear neon comfortably by having the neutrals to balance it out. I would suggest pairing your first neon yellow buy with a neutral color such as tan, beige, grey, white, or black. This will help you balance out the color with your skin tone.

      I tend to buy long rectangle scarves because I like the way they cover, but recently I have purchased a few square scarves that work perfect with the shorter necklace. I simply wrap the scarf as I normally would, but instead let it drape over my chest I tuck it into my shirt or dress, and use a light sweater or blazer to give me that coverage I like. You can also purchase a ninja scarf (I purchased mines on ebay), and wrap your scarf turban style or a simple head wrap, this way your neck is still covered and you have a cute funky style that allows you wear your short necklace.

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