Month: December 2013

Taking Stock 1


Making : Myself a yummy beef BLT with avocado. Yum!

Cooking : Tacos for dinner with yellow rice and corn

Drinking : WATER!!!! Best stuff on earth.

Reading: And The Mountains Echoed, I have been reading it for months now. I don’t have much time to read anymore (insert sad face here).  So far it’s a great book, very well written.

Wanting: So many things!!! But my ultimate want is a black maxi tulle skirt.

Looking: Forward to next month, my little sister and niece are supposed to come and visit. I have seen her in two years and it will be my first time meeting my niece.

Playing: Nothing at the moment, but would love to play UNO!!! Love that game.

Wasting: TIME!!! Always wasting time. I should be clean my house right now.

Sewing: My hubby just gave me a sewing machine as gift recently because I wanted to learn to sew my own maxi skirts…so very soon I will be a sewing machine!!!

Wishing: For a nice trip, just me and the hubby alone.

Enjoying: A good slice of chocolate cake (with strawberries). Yes I finish my sandwich and have moved on to yummy chocolate goodness.

Waiting: For my children to fall asleep.

Liking: Conversations with my hubby

Wondering: If this blog will be a success

Loving: The sound of my sweet daughters little voice.

Hoping: For a nice winter (not too much snow but just enough)

Marvelling: At my two month olds cute little face. I can’t get enough of this guy.

Needing: MY TULLE SKIRT!!!

Smelling: Bacon, the whole house smells of bacon.

Wearing: Sweat pants and t-shirt…don’t judge me.

Following: …Islam

Noticing: How much better my eldest son is reading.

Knowing: What I want to do in life.

Thinking: About taking a short nap.

Feeling:  Tired…hence the reason why I am thinking of a nap.

Bookmarking: New blogs I find on pinterest.

Opening: Another bottle of water

Giggling: At my son…giggling

 As Salaamu Alaikum loves I found this post over at one of my favorite blogs, Thedaybook, I thought it was cool and may do it again in a month or so, or as a seasonal post.